What is backlinks boosters?

As the owner of a website that could use a guaranteed higher ranking in Google, you face several marketing problems. Is your site SEO optimized? Where do you get your your links and quality backlinks from? How to know which backlinks package is best for you? How to boost the number of backlinks? How to handle your link building?

There are many people and marketing services offering all sorts of link building packages. Unfortunately, many of them are vague. This is something Backlinks Boosters does different. We inform you exactly about what we can and will do for your website popularity through building links.

Article marketing

One of the best ways to boost your rankings is through article marketing. In case you are not familiar with the term, we'll explain how it works. There is some misunderstanding about it, so let's get it straight for once and for all.

In general, webmasters need content for their sites and in many cases they rely on article directories for this. Here they can get free articles, but with a link (or links) in the article pointing to the website of the author. Each time when an article is published on a website, it creates a high quality backlink boost for the site that is mentioned in this article.

The article marketing directories where the articles can be taken from by webmasters want unique, quality articles. To accomplish this, the original article is 'spun' by the submitter. In a sophisticated way the original content is changed, so that new articles will be created, with of course still the same inbound link to the website that has to be promoted and needs the backlinks boost.

Build Backlinks

Here we come in. We will write the original article, we will spin it into 200 different articles, all unique, and we will submit them to the 200 most important article directories. This is excellent quality article marketing that will promote your website is the best possible way, safe and effective.

But there is more. We will also submit your website to the 100 most important website directories and subscribe your RSS feed to 150 RSS directories. Then we will create 2000 forum profile backlinks, that will directly link to your site. To give these inbound links more high PR value for Google, we will then build 5000 forum profile backlinks, that will all link to the 2000 we already created. And to make your 'build backlinks package' even stronger, we will build 100 web 2.0 profiles for you.

Building backlinks in this way will boost your rankings in the search engines, guaranteed.

Backlinks Boosters will boost your website ranking through building backlinks -- high quality backlinks, that are relevant and natural. We will do the work for you.

This is what we will do for you:

  1. We MANUALLY write an unique article about your website, with your link in the article.
  2. We rewrite ("spin") this article into 200 different articles, all with your link included.
  3. We submit these articles MANUALLY to the 200 most important article directories.
  4. We submit your site MANUALLY to the 100 most important web directories.
  5. We will subscribe the RSS feed(s) of your website (if you have RSS) to 150+ RSS directories, again MANUALLY (if you do not have RSS, we can help you with this.)
  6. We build 2000+ forum profiles linking to your site.
  7. We create 5000+ forum profiles linking to these 2000 forum profile backlinks to your site (link pyramid).
  8. We create 200 relevant and topical blog comments (blog commenting).
  9. We create 100 web 2.0 profiles, MANUALLY.
  10. We ping your backlinks (inbound links).
  11. As a BONUS, we will give you a FREE SEO report about your website (in specific), with clear tips to improve your site for search engines. Before starting on your order, we will also evaluate your marketing keywords or key phrases. If you do not know which marketing keywords will be best for you, we will help you to determine them without extra charge.

Total Price: $299

build backlinks

This is a one-time fee, without any recurring payments, and includes our Guarantee.

  • All incoming links are one-way-backlinks.
  • Delivery time of the complete package: 10 days.
  • Keep in mind, when we use the word "manually", we mean MANUALLY, and not pushing one button in a crappy software program that promises thousands of incoming links to your site.
  • You will get a FULL backlinks package and we will do the work for you completely. No sorrow, no time loss. We will do the full job.
  • If you are not sure which keywords or key phrases will be best for your website or web page, we will help you to determine them for free.
  • YOU WILL NOT GET A BETTER BACKLINKS DEAL ANYWHERE. Show us a better deal, with the same quality delivered of course, and we will refund your money.